Here’s Why Games For Smartphones Are So Addictive

For all of you smartphone gamers, don’t be ashamed of your constant gaming because I too understand the struggles of playing such addictive games. At first, you don’t really think you’d be the type to get addicted to a silly little game, but that’s when reality hits and you’ve been up seven hours past your bedtime to beat your highest score.
You’re not the only way that has succumbed to the pressure of always playing these games, and there’s reasoning behind the addictive design you can’t help but love.

1. Easy Access:

All you really have to do is go straight to the app stores and download as many games as you please. The second you unlock your phone, there they all are, staring at you waiting for you to play them. The majority of the time you don’t even need to pay for them, and it already saves all of your settings so you can resume whichever level you were on.
It’s almost too easy to get addicted to these games because we are glued to our phones so the second we get bored there is an option to log into the most fun and often ridiculous games available without too much work.

2. Unrealistic Prizes:

Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving a brand new car or the million dollar jackpot if you reach a certain level or kill a monster, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling achieved and excited once you are granted that prize. It’s all about living in a virtual reality world where you can be as rich as you want and just so happen to be a master bubble popper in your spare time.
Winning prizes and gaining extra tokens of specialties makes you feel like a kid again, and allows you to get excited for no apparent reason but that feeling is addicting. Even though you give yourself a reality check when you start to brag about the five million gold coins you just earned to people who don’t understand your passion for smartphone gaming, there’s not a better feeling than winning it big whether it is real or not.

3. Unachievable Levels:

Wanting to finish an entire game to the end successfully is almost mandatory for any of you competitive gamers out there. These games are designed so you have to continuously retry specific levels or even pay money to receive cheat sheets or gain access to hints that can help you pass the level. The more times you fail, the more you want to try and prove the stupid little game wrong, leading you to spend countless hours trying to be the same level when there is no way to pass it.
It’s all a ploy to keep you playing the game and part of the reason it is so addictive, but totally worth the feeling when you finally reach the next level only then starting from the bottom and getting frustrated all over again.


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