5 Surprising Facts About Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson is a widely known country artist but also a jack of all trades as he is a part of many different organizations apart of the music world. He is full of surprises and well known and liked by many people throughout the country, with his music top hits, organizations, and books.

Take a look at these five facts that you wouldn’t know just by looking at him!

1. Nelson wrote his first song at seven years old:

He has definitely been a songwriter since he was able to create lyrics and write full sentences. Being so young and able to create a masterpiece and put music and words together shows the musical talent that has been within Willie since birth.

2. Worked as a cotton picker, saddle maker, disc jockey, and vacuum cleaner:

Willie has not always been successful and had his fair share of job opportunities through the different skill sets he made while trying to make a living and getting by. These are all random, and unique job positions that he has filled that exemplifies the time of easy going and flexible man that he is known to be.

Back in the day, these were some of the more popular and widely known positions available for someone that didn’t pursue a particular career.
3. Started His Own Company; BioWillie:

Willie created a new diesel fuel made up of vegetable oil, animal fats and seed oil crops. His main focus is on quality and sustainability for the world. This has been a successful and expanding company the past years that is supplying many jobs and creating a more sustainable environment throughout the country.

He has gained support from the former president, Barack Obama, as he signed the law and Congress reinstates $1 renewable energy tax credit.

4. Worked With Biodiesel Legend Bob King:

Throughout his creation of BioWillie, he was able to work with and bounce ideas off Bob King who is known for his active participation in the sustainability improvement world. By working with various and intelligent people, Willie can expand and deepen his understanding of the sustainable and eco-friendly world to further his own findings and creations within his own company.

5. In National Agricultural Hall Of Fame In 2011:

Willie has been given many different awards in regards to country music, but this one, in particular, is very fascinating and well deserved. Throughout this life, he has practiced various sustainable and environmental practices through agriculture and disposal usage. He has also promoted his way of life through organizations he is apart of as well as creating his own that was stated above.

Not many people would know him other than his music hits and be an author, but he is seen in the Hall Of Fame within the past six years.

All in all, Willie Nelson is a very charming man that has contributed and offered many valuable things to this world. He is known for having many different valuable assets that our country has had the ability to listen to, read, and work with.

Want to learn more facts about Willie Nelson? Then check out the video below!

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