Wn BioDiesel - Bio Diesel Fuels and Energy Info


Biodiesel is the name of a non petroleum based fuel made out of natural sources such as animal fats or vegetable oils, such as corn or soy oil. Bio diesel is created by transesterification of vegetable oils or animal fats into myth esters. The end product is very similar to ordinary diesel so most vehicles, storage systems, require no modifications. One major advantage of biodiesel is that unlike petroleum based diesel product it is clean burning and renewable, in fact tail pipe emissions can be reduced by as much as 80% by use of bio diesel compared to ordinary diesel. Another major advantage for bio diesel is that raw materials are grown locally in the United States which supports the local economy.

With energy prices rising in recent years, especially the prices of gasoline, car manufacturers have looked into alternative sources of energy to power their products. Bio diesel fuel contains more energy than gasoline commonly used in cars and is cheaper to produce. Combined with increasing environment conscious population, makes biodiesel powered cars a winner. Car makers know this and so we will soon see more and more bio diesel compatible vehicles coming off the assembly lines in the near future.